Kids Bean Bag Nightflower Jr.

Your special playmate for inside & outside

140 x 110 cm
High-Tec Nylon (100% Nylon)
Available in these colours:
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What is good for adults, is cheap for children: The beanbag for kids Nightflower Junior turns... more
Your special playmate for inside & outside

What is good for adults, is cheap for children: The beanbag for kids Nightflower Junior turns every children´s and young adult’s room into a lounge location to relax, and where learning Latin vocabulary or reading studies about the theorem of Pythagoras looks more and more enticing.

But also after learning, the Junior Bean Bag for Kids shows itself from its best side. Whether when playing on the console or reading an exciting book about vampires and their social environment: This beanbag is game for anything. Due to its waterrepellent and very durable outer nylon cover, it can be used indoors and outdoors and fits just any situation perfectly. 

It is ready whenever needed. It can be used in the garden or defines the best place in front of the television in the living room. And contrary to some teenagers, the Nightflower Jr. Kids Bean Bag is especially easy to take care of and is machine-washable. On top of that, the lovely flower pattern print will be a worthile decoration to your child’s room.

Well, if only one could be a kid again! ;-)

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4 convincing facts

For all ages
The size is perfectly suitable for children, but thanks to the four appealing colours, the bean bags are also great for adults.


Inside & outside
Thanks to the robust 420D nylon cover, the cushion is waterproof and perfect for relaxing anywhere.


Removable cover
The cover is removable thanks to the separate inner bag. This makes washing and changing child’s play.


Maximum flexibility
The bean bag can be shaped flexibly and therefore adapts to any sitting or lying position – just how you want it.


Explore all advantages!.

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Kids Bean Bag Nightflower Junior

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