Bean Bag Neon Junior

140 x 110 cm
High-Tec Nylon (100% Nylon)
Available in these colours:
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Our Neon beanbag chair is small, loud and is unmissable! It is just like a kid, because kids... more

Our Neon beanbag chair is small, loud and is unmissable! It is just like a kid, because kids want to attract attention, they want to be heard and more importantly to be seen. In case they lack the attention they might start to swing their arms and bounce up and down in front of their parents, throw some of their toys and rampage as good as they can. Our NEON bean bag chairs are created in order to give them the fitting partner to do that!

For that matter: our bright children's rooms inhabitants come in glowing pink or yellow-green and are an excellent method to celebrate colours just everywhere. Your junior can bring them from their kids room to the living room, to the kitchen, outside into the garden, or in order to jump into the bathing tube. After all our NEON beanbags are waterproof and dirt-repellent as all bean bags of our junior range.

All our adult customers might be glad to hear that our neon bean bags serve as a very fashionable and stylish accessory for each living room, or on your balcony and next to a pool aswell. With these bright neon colours you are sure to capture everyones attention: these colours are for some reason to be seen almost everywhere, when it comes down to fashion, style and living! Get one now and say no to boredom!

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Bean Bag Chair Drop

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