Metallic Junior Bean Bag Sapphire

Colourful & shimmering - just life itself

140 x 110 cm
High-Tec Polyester
Available in these colours:
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At some point it just happens. Nothing can stop it, it is inevitable. There comes a time, when... more
Colourful & shimmering - just life itself

At some point it just happens. Nothing can stop it, it is inevitable. There comes a time, when parents have to realise that the innocent children’s room is a thing of the past and will be replaced by something where colourful elephant wallpaper and multicoloured baby chairs have no place anymore.

Yes, when hormones take control of your child’s body, it is time to rethink the furniture as well.

We recommend, completely unprejudiced, the purchase of a Metallic Jr. bean bag for kids. It is just like your child: different every day. Sometimes creased, sometimes flat, a cushion to read on, front seat in a teeny-concert. The Metallic Jr. bean bag for kids is colourful, iridescent and life to the full! It is the shiny eye-catcher with the exclusive aspirations.

And in case you are jealous of your child, just wake up the child in yourself and buy yourself a Metallic Junior bean bag chair. In the end, everyone should at some point fulfil childhood dreams.

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4 convincing facts

For all ages
The size is perfectly suitable for children, but thanks to the four appealing colours, the bean bags are also great for adults.


Maximum flexibility
The bean bag can be shaped flexibly and therefore adapts to any sitting or lying position – just how you want it.


Removable cover
The cover is removable thanks to the separate inner bag. This makes washing and changing child’s play.


Heat balance
The light bead filling reflects your body temperature and guarantees comfortable temperatures at all times.


Explore all advantages!.

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Metallic Junior Bean Bag Sapphire

Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung

Wir haben das metallic-blaue Sitzkissen für unseren Sohn gekauft und er ist ganz begeistert. Die Farbe geht durchaus auch für Jungs. Der erste Eindruck zur Verarbeitung ist sehr gut und die lange Garantie lässt eine lange Lebensdauer erwarten. Nun haben wir Eltern uns ein großes Exemplar für UNS bestellt. Die anfängliche Geruchsentwicklung ist nicht toll aber ok.

im wahrsten sinne eine glänzende idee. ich bin mir zwar nicht sicher ob jungs diese glänzenden sitzsäcke mögen aber mädchen dafür umsomehr wie ich an meiner tochter sehe. und für die jungs habt ihr ja noch andere versionen.

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