Metallic Beanbag Bronze

... a girl´s best friend

Standard (180 x 140 cm)
High-Tec Nylon (100% Nylon)
Available in these colours:
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Mae West said: „Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.“ With this quote the... more
Metallic Beanbag Bronze
... a girl´s best friend

Mae West said: „Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.“ With this quote the marvellous actress of the thirties became a prophet of modern interior decorating for us. After all, she was talking about our Smoothy bean bag Metallic, of that we are sure.

And you will also be sure after seeing this beanbag chair metallic edition for the first time. And much more after you have felt completely at home on it for the first time.

With its 140 x 180 cm surface, it offers ample space especially for the latter. It is an eye-catcher with a mesmerizing effect wherever you put it.

We designed the Metallic such that it should be at the top of the list of addictive furniture. It is comfortable, large, and shines in ten different colours. If you cannot decide on the colour, this is not a problem. The Smoothy bean bag chair Metallic is so well priced that you are spoilt for choice in the sense of the above stated quote.

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. Mae West was right!

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4 convincing facts

Luxurious fabric
The exclusive outer fabric provides a comfortable sitting experience since its cool metallic look.


Maximum flexibility
The bean bag can be shaped flexibly and therefore adapts to any sitting or lying position – just how you want it.


Removable cover
The cover is removable thanks to the separate inner bag. This makes washing and changing child’s play.


Heat balance
The light bead filling reflects your body temperature and guarantees comfortable temperatures at all times.


Explore all advantages!.

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Bean Bag Metallic Bronze

Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung

Guten Tag zusammen. Vielen Dank für dieses tolle Weihnachtsgeschenk, dass seit einigen Tagen hier in meinem Wohnzimmer die Hauptattraktion ist. Nicht nur wegen des auffälligen Glanzes (sieht echt edel aus), sondern auch, weil jeder unbedingt darauf sitzen möchte - und dann gar nicht mehr aufsteht. Ich muss regelmäßig um meinen Sitzsack kämpfen. Das sagt eigentlich schon alles. Tolles Teil!

1-A Spitze!!! Jetzt wollte ich einen kurzen Text schreiben. Jetzt gehts. Danke ;-)

Dieser Metallic-Sitzsack hat wirklich so etwas wie Luxus in meine Wohnung gebracht. Er sieht richtig edel aus und ist superbequem. Ich bin froh mich, letzten Endes dieses Modell gekauft zu haben obwohl es ein paar Euro mehr kostet. Wikrlich lohnenswert!

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