Flokati Beanbag Creme

Back to the 70ies

Standard (180 x 140 cm)
Flokati (100% Polyester)
Available in these colours:
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A long, very long time ago music still was being produced by hand. It were the 70ies. The... more
Flokati Beanbag Creme
Back to the 70ies

A long, very long time ago music still was being produced by hand. It were the 70ies. The internet was yet undiscovered and only being known from cheap science-fiction zines. Back then life was as light-footed as a squirrel after having a drink with a cocktail umbrella. Also it was the time, when young fashion victims and designers were discovering the ancient flokati style carpets in good old greece and brought them back home with them.

However before long, the flokati became forgotten, as life became more boring, dull and grey. Until we discovered it and revitalized it as our new flokati bean bag chair that you find right here. Buy it. Love it.

Not only will the original Smoothy flokati bean bag prettify your living room, but it will win your heart too! Our very cozy and unique design bean bag is a reminiscence towards an era, when form still was following function and was supposed to be fun.

Ofcourse you will not only be convinced by the comfort of our soft flokati beanbags, but also of our Smoothy quality with unparalleled service, fast delivery and 30 years of warranty. These chairs will still give its un-fuzzing best, when one will shake one’s head because of grandfathers ancient ipad!

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4 convincing facts

Extravagant design
Exceptional Design worthy of one or two awards - for our demanding bean bag enthusiasts.


Removable cover
The cover is removable thanks to the separate inner bag. This makes washing and changing child’s play.


Optimal fit
Your spine, back and neck are supported comfortably and evenly, taking the weight off of them at the same time.


Heat balance
The light bead filling reflects your body temperature and guarantees comfortable temperatures at all times.


Explore all advantages!.

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Flokati Bean Bag Creme

Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung

Da habe ich ja mal ein richtiges Schnäppchen gemacht. So wenig Geld (also relativ gesehen) für so einen tollen Sitzsack - das soll euch erstmal einer nachmachen!

Mit knapp 1 Woche etwas lange Lieferung, aber das Produkt selbst überzeugt. Sehr bequem und hoch wertig verarbeitet. Ich empfehle euch weiter. T.

endlich ein sitzsack der bequem, stylisch und einfach zu pflegen ist. der flokati ist spitzenklasse und den gebe ich nicht mehr her *frechgrinz*

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