Smoothy the Bean Bag Company - obsessed with bean bags

It all began in 1999 – a friend brought a bean bag home from a trip and declared that he would not let go of his island feeling any more in future, not even within his own four walls. We had already seen bean bags before – but what made our friend not want to leave his any more? What was so unbelievably comfortable about this chair substitute, which looked so plain and yet so ingeniously designed?

At this time the bean bag was no longer anything new. It already enjoyed great popularity in the sixties, back when the original “Sacco” was invented. The trend then found its way to us and by then had caught on in Germany. At parties, our friend’s bean bag was fiercely fought over, and each and every one of us would have loved to have taken it home with us. We all wanted to sit on big, soft and multifunctional bean bags instead of chairs! No sooner said than done. We weren’t surprised that flexible and stylish living had become such a big topic over the past few years. After all, our own homes looked individual too, and changed with increasing demands. But there was something that we noticed: a bean bag always went well with the interior. And so, the idea of manufacturing these ingenious items of furniture was born. In our more detailed research into the forms of distribution, direct sales was the only option we considered, as this eliminates the cost-driving intermediary trade, thus allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible prices for our brand of cushions at all times.

An old bag in a new design? Our bean bags and cushions need to fulfil our own high standards and adapt to our times. They should be flexible, have a modern appearance and also be of a high quality. It was only in this way that we could envisage selling them. A new, individual look was a must: we gave the bean bag a rejuvenating makeover and combined perfect ergonomics with the clear shapes and patterns of the Bauhaus design philosophy. The authentic functional design was born. And because we believed that the Smoothy bean bag wasn’t just suitable for student bedrooms, we decided to expand the range in several directions, in order to serve a wide customer audience: cushions for children, daybeds for dogs, couches for bookworms, lounge chairs for relaxing, and many more.

We tested and improved the design of every bean bag for quite some time before putting them into production. We only use selected premium quality materials for the covers, lining and the EPS-bead filling. Our team also grew along with our claim to sell the most comfortable and best looking bean bags with maximum variety and quality in the models. Today we have 23 employees – and all of them have one or more Smoothys at home. And because we love our work so much and we can’t imagine having to live without the thing that revolutionised the way we sit during work, there are now also a few cushions populating our office. This has created a few feel-good relaxation havens where our employees like to relax and take a quick power-nap. Filling Smoothy Inlets, selecting materials, deciding on new patterns, indulging in colours – all of this is even more enjoyable when you know what you are talking about or, in our case: what you are sitting on.

Mobile “couching” – we are continuing to grow, as sitting is something people will always do; preferably on a bean bag from Smoothy - The Bean Bag Company.